Knitpro Rainbow Knit Blockers (pack of 20)


KnitPro Rainbow Knit Blockers have rows of teeth that make it much easier to evenly block straight lines, and bright colours to liven up your accessory collection. For use on scarves, jumpers, or projects that require particular shaping, these blockers mean you no longer have to fiddle with lots of tiny pins and can get straight on to your next crafting creation! Each blocker comes with anchor holes that allow you to attach string along large sections which can be pulled and pinned to maintain consistent tension. Made using tough, brightly coloured plastic with sharp, sturdy, and rust resistant stainless steel pins, this set contains two different sizes to help you manage different shapes and sizes when blocking. The easier, faster, and more fun way to block your finished projects!

Pack of 20 blockers, including 8 pieces with 4 pins, and 12 pieces with 8 pins.

Available on backorder

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