Scheepjes Our Tribe – All Colours


Scheepjes Our Tribe was developed with the popular Scheepjes bloggers to capture the sense of community and belonging that the Scheepjes Blogger’s Group embodies. A sports weight yarn that is perfect for garments, socks and lightweight home accessories, Our Tribe is comprised of a selection of soft shades twisted together to create a beautifully subtle texture. Each Scheepjes blogger has selected their own mixture of colors, along with a contribution from Simy Somer and Marie (of Tissue de Marie) making a total of 15 colours, each named after its corresponding blogger’s name.

Now available in nine beautiful solid colourways.

Please note: Scheepjes Our Tribe is a single ply yarn, meaning that the fibres may come apart more easily than in a yarn comprised of two plies or more. When knitting or crocheting with a single ply yarn, we recommend handling the yarn with extra care, being careful not to untwist the spun fibres therefore helping to avoid any breakages in the yarn.