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Lynne Rowe – Guest Designer

When I was looking at ways to grow Woolaballoo and make it a bit more [...]

Woolaballoo Has A New Owner!

Hi, my name is Vicky…. Wednesday 1st June 2022 marked the day when I took [...]


Day 18

We have no idea what stitch this is, but we love it! Again, it is [...]

Day 17

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective so here’s a bit of classic garter [...]

Days 15 and 16

Days 15 and 16 use two colours, so we can take it nice and easy [...]

Day 14

We think twisted rib looks lovely but it’s not that great at actually holding your [...]

Day 13

It’s time for our second sock! I’m really in the groove now and excited to [...]

The zen of Kitchener

For anyone who needs a reminder of the zen of kitchener #woolaballooadventkal

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