Woolaballoo Has A New Owner!

Hi, my name is Vicky….

Wednesday 1st June 2022 marked the day when I took over from Lucy Bush as the new owner of the wonderful Woolaballoo!

Day 1 of being self employed.
Day 1 of being a small business owner.
A day for big changes and lots of reminiscing.

I thought I would do a short introduction for those I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person or speaking with on social media.

I have been addicted to crafting for most of my life. My earliest yarnie experience is being taught in primary school how to knit. We were all sent home with our knitting needles and DK yarn and given “homework” to knit and purl a few rows before our craft class the following week. I didn’t leave the sofa until I had finished my scarf and quickly became known to our teacher as “that student” who makes the teacher work harder by having to come up with even more projects! And yes, it did take my peers a full term to finish their scarves!!

In the past decade I have taught myself feltmaking, being a member of the IFA for a few years. This then progressed to jumbo knitting when eventually I decided I would try and learn that weird craft known as crochet which up until that point I had convinced myself you needed a Masters in Mathematics to be able to decipher what on earth the pattern was going on about. This is where I met Lucy and Woolaballoo! Lucy’s introduction to crochet workshop sparked off a brand new obsession which expanded in to becoming a collector of indie dyed yarn… note I said collector! Yes, there are not enough hours in the day to actually use every skein in my stash!

Four and a half years later and here I am. When Lucy offered me the opportunity to keep the Woolaballoo name going, I couldn’t resist. I mean seriously, an excuse to fill a room full of yarn in my home? Oh yes! No need to ask me twice!

Which brings us to now!! I trust you will join me on my journey as I find my feet and keep bringing you the latest yarns in a rainbow of colours. There are grand plans for the future, but for starters I am aiming to find stability in the familiar. Woolaballoo will continue to stock the core West Yorkshire Spinners and Scheepjes ranges as well as a selection of sundries. There are a few workshops and projects on the cards, which I hope you will all enjoy and take part in. There will be new products ranges, new stock and some fab promotions on their way over the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, I am an open book and would welcome any suggestions you may have either for workshops or new yarns to try or different colourways you may be interested in. Keep your feedback coming and lets grow this business in to the best local yarn shop you’ve ever had online!


17 thoughts on “Woolaballoo Has A New Owner!

  1. Lucy says:

    Welcome Vicky! I am so excited for you and thrilled that the Woolaballoo brand will continue. I have no doubt that you will continue to flourish and this make my heart sing! Wishing you every success for the future. Sending warm woolly vibes your way. x

  2. Vikki Greggs says:

    What excitement you must be feeling…I’m sure everyone feels the same & we are here to support you as and when and however we can.

  3. Christine Jenkins says:

    Hi Vicky, if you’re going to do workshops where will they be held?……good luck in your new venture…..I’ve just finished “Letitia’s Garden” mosaic crochet it’s very addictive.🤗👌

    • Vicky Rankin says:

      Thank you Christine. I am currently sourcing suitable venues for workshops and get togethers. If you keep an eye on social media, everything will be announced there. At present, it will be within the Brandon/Langley Park/Durham area.

  4. Emma barron says:

    I would welcome a regular knitting face to face group where people can knit and natter and learn from each other though I work full time so would need to be an evening.. would welcome skill workshops too..

    • Vicky Rankin says:

      Hi Emma,
      I am planning on having regular meet ups and starting some workshops later in the year.
      If you are on social media, keep an eye out for announcements.
      I also work full time office hours, so will be looking at evenings and weekends.

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