Whimsical Hats – Pattern Book


Whimsical Hats – Knitting Pattern Book by Lynne Rowe
Delightful and Amusing Hats to Knit, Wear, and Love

ISBN: 9781438002613
RRP: £16.99

What could be cuter than a kid in a zebra hat? How about a baby in a cupcake hat? Or an adult in a beehive hat complete with little knitted bees on top.

These imaginatively adorable hats are as fun to create as they are to wear. Whimsical Hats features more than 30 patterns for unique knitted millinery. With gorgeous photography, an overview of essential tools, and clear step-by-step instructions, it’s an ideal guide for knitters of any level.

Each pattern includes sizing for babies, toddlers, children and even adventurous adults, so no one will be without a whimsical hat to keep their noggins happy and warm.

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