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Woolly words #2: Hooked on a Feeling…

Crochet is a dark art… A few months ago I could not crochet. I had always wanted to learn but no one in my family was a crocheter and often, by the time we get to being a grown up (a term I use very loosely!!!), we decide that things are very difficult and come […]

Under the Rainbow

Just recently I have become totally addicted to crochet.  Somewhere in the middle of last year, I appeared to have lost my hooking mojo, but now it is back with a venegance!  This is such a fabulous, portable craft which makes it ideal as a small holiday project. Alternatively, it would be perfect in the […]

Alex Cardi

This very simple design was requested time and again at the Edinburgh Knitting and Stitching Show when our sample garment was shown off.  We are very happy to share the design with you here so that you can spoil the little people in your life. The sleeves are a cute three-quarter length but could easily […]

Knit a Rainbow Jumper

We are just back from a frantic yet fabulous weekend at the Edinburgh Knitting and Stitching Show which we’ll tell you more about later but whilst we were there we were inundated with requests for the ever so simple Sam Sweater pattern which we have knitted up in the self striping super soft rainbow yarn […]

Back in the groove

This week has seen the restoration of routine in our happy household and has afforded me the opportunity to create a sense of order in our home.  After the long lie-ins and lack of structure during the summer months the start of the new school term has created a new timetable of activities and a […]

The Ripple Effect

This week I have been completely immersed in Lucy of Attic24’s fabulous Coastal Ripple Blanket and to say that I was no crocheter before this week would be an understatement but now I am completely and utterly hooked.  I am absolutely in love with the fabulous DK colour palette that is worked randomly throughout this […]