This week I have been making great progress with my lovely hitch-hiker scarf which is a really versatile, easy to follow pattern which can be found on Ravelry courtesy of Martina Behm. The hardest choice was actually selecting which of lovely Jitterbug shades to opt for but in the end it was the seascape Aegean blues that won me over.


Since I started this project my ball of yarn appears to have never decreased in size until recently and I can really see this project starting to take shape nicely now. Here is a progress report from a couple of weeks back when I was able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine!


Martina Behm the author of this awesome pattern which can be downloaded from her Ravelry collection describes the hitch-hiker as follows:

“Garter stitch. It‘s simple, its warm and squishy, stretchy and reversible and it makes any variegated, hand-dyed sock yarn really shine. So here‘s Hitchhiker: It is a narrow, slightly asymmetrically shaped triangular shawlette that can be wrapped around the neck several times. The ends are long enough to tie it with a knot. One of the short sides of the triangle features a saw-tooth border that evolves naturally during the knitting and gives the shawl its unusual shape. Because the knitting starts at one end, you can stop anytime, bind off and end up with a useful neckerchief, shawlette or shawl. A perfect project to relax with in between more complicated ones, also very suitable for beginners and young knitters”.

So feeling fired up and full of motivation to finish a few of my many works in progress, I took it along to our local knitty group last night which meets fortnightly in the village pub.  I have now completed 37 of the 42 teeth so the end is in sight. 42, I hear you cry?  That‘s right, 42. The answer to life, the universe and everything, according to Douglas Adams‘ wonderful book “The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy”.

Almost there!

So look out for the big reveal when it’s finally complete, or if you feel inspired chose a shade from our extensive Jitterbug range and have a go at this yourself. It is really effective and oh so simple to construct. Happy Knitting! x

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