Half Term Madness

This week has been one of those crazy weeks that sneak up on you every once in a while.  It all started out so well with a weekend filled with sunshine and so we were finally all able to get outside and play in the garden which the little people love to do so much.  Fresh air and sunshine are a simple recipe for instant happiness and last Sunday was no exception.


We visited our local farm and enjoyed our first proper ice-cream of the year in the sunshine and then spent a couple of hours potting the bedding plants in an attempt to jazz up the garden.  Anyone that knows me however will be well aware that I do not have “green fingers” and so their lifespan may be severely curtailed.  For the moment though I love gazing out at the blue pots and the flowers always make me smile.

We also found some time over the Bank Holiday weekend to visit one of my favourite spaces in the North East which is quite literally on our doorstep now that we have moved to County Durham – Beamish – the living museum.  As an historian (as well as yarn addict) I just love spending time exploring our heritage.  As a social historian there is simply no better jaunt, than down to Beamish where history is well and truly brought back to life.  We must have been here several hundred times before but I never tire of this place.  I love discovering quirky signage, ancient textiles and learning new crafty skills before they are lost to the mists of time.


On Tuesday however it was back to earth with a bump and it was time to go back to work… However, when I say work it isn’t really as I just love my job and enjoy meeting so many lovely people from all over the UK and beyond.  This week has been a really busy one filled with mixed emotions: moments of sadness as we have said goodbye to an old colleague coupled with optimism and excitement as we welcomed two new recruits to the Woolaballoo  family.  We have replenished our stock, created new kits, planned our autumn workshop programme, started the stock take, trained our new staff, commissioned some new merchandise, hosted 2 knitting groups and have been knitting like demons!  It is a hard life I know.  Here are some of the new products to whet your appetite but more of this later…

_DSC5524cat-jitterbug__84984 SAM_4622

So now it is Friday and the week is coming to an end so what have we been up to today?  Well, the little people and I have been busy in the house doing a spot of decorating, some baking and playing (knitting in my case) whilst we wait for the sunshine to reappear.  Here’s hoping that the weekend will be a sunny one again and that the summer is well and truly on the way.


Whatever you are doing have a lovely time. We will be back next week with more adventures from Woolly Wonderland. x

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