Woolly words #2: Hooked on a Feeling…

Crochet is a dark art…

A few months ago I could not crochet. I had always wanted to learn but no one in my family was a crocheter and often, by the time we get to being a grown up (a term I use very loosely!!!), we decide that things are very difficult and come to the conclusion that we are unteachable. Crochet fell squarely into this category for me. Several times I’d bought a hook and poured over YouTube only to become increasingly convinced that learning brain surgery would be an easier feat! Of course that was before I fell through the door of Woolaballoo whilst walking round slightly dazed from a Pilates class nearby in Langley Park and got hooked.

Hooked on a feeling…

Within a couple of weeks I found myself booked into a crochet class one Saturday afternoon in Woolaballoo, convinced that I’d set the bar lower than anyone ever before me, possibly inventing a whole new level of ineptness. I imagine Lucy having future conversations with wannabe crocheters along the lines of ‘Oh anyone can learn to crochet. I’ve taught loads of people and they all managed…well except this one lady. I’m not sure what went wrong. We had to call an ambulance and the fire brigade….’ But I’m not one to shy away from a challenge so off I went…. and soon I was hooked.
Clover Amour Crochet Hooks

Beginners Crochet

The course was fab, not like learning at school was, just hands on with simple instructions and lots of help when needed. Straight away it felt like I was actually creating something rather than practising stitches, although in reality I guess I was doing both. From that day onwards I was hooked….please excuse the dreadfully obvious pun! I found crochet to be much easier than knitting, and much less stressful. With only one stitch on the hook at a time it felt like I couldn’t really go far wrong, and mistakes seemed so much easier to fix. As I make a lot of mistakes I know what I’m talking about! After the day of the course Lucy answered any questions I had on the Woolaballoo Facebook page or gave me coffee and helped me if I popped in to the shop.

What’s this CAL?

Fast forward another couple of weeks and I was introduced to the CAL. For those not yet initiated into the world of crochet acronyms that’s a Crochet A-Long. The project was the Spice of Life blanket from Cherry Heart, a gorgeous blanket made with a myriad of stitches that at first glance, and second or third, looks to be insanely complicated. For four weeks an intrepid group of crocheters met on Tuesday evenings to work on our blankets together. Apart from being a fab social event it meant that if I got stuck there were all kinds of crochet ninjas who could help.
Vintage Colourpack Spice of Life
I’ll be honest, the thing that surprised me most wasn’t that I could do it because by now I was soaring confidently through crochet themed dreams most nights. No, what surprised me most was how cheaply one could make a gorgeous technicolor blanket. Lucy put packs together for each of us with all the yarn we would need, and there was a choice of colours so everyone could make something that suited them. It took all the hassle out of it and at £30 for fifteen balls it’s certainly a bargain. Better still, the Stylecraft yarn in the packs is super soft and lovely to work with!
Cupcake Colourpack
Over the four weeks all of the crochet ninjas finished off their blankets. Each one looked unique because of the way they put the colours together. I must confess that as of yet my blanket is not finished although I thoroughly enjoy working on it. With the different patterns and colours throughout it’s impossible to get bored with it. My excuse is that I keep getting distracted by other projects, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop! But my Spice of Life blanket is something that I keep going back to because it’s fun.
If you’re hankering after learning to crochet there are beginner’s classes regularly at Woolaballoo so I’d say keep and eye out on the Woolaballoo Facebook page, Instagram and Website for new dates. And if you fancy joining a CAL, which will be coming up soon, they’ll be advertised there too. But do not fear if you are just as impatient as me…which is extremely impatient. If you feel like getting ahead so that you have something cosy to snuggle up in ready for the autumn I have excellent news for you….there are packs of Stylecraft yarn available all year round in a several different colourways at Woolaballoo so pop in and grab yours now! That’s it for now….next week I may broach the secret shame I know many of us woolly folks have. Have a wonderfully woolly week and don’t forget to show us what you’re up to, I love it when you post pictures of your woolly wonders on the Woolaballoo Facebook Group page.
Sara x

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