Woolly Words #1: Adventures in Woolly Wonderland

Welcome to the Woolaballoo guest blog spot. By way of introduction Woolaballoo is a lovely woolly wonder of a shop hidden away in Langley Park, County Durham. The proprietor is one Lucy Bush who runs various workshops and drop in sessions each week, is a wife and mother of two little darlings, marks exams, studies accountancy…so is, all things considered, a veritable Wonder Woman who is short on time, which is why I volunteered to help out writing the blog.
Woolaballoo Durham

Who am I?

Well I’m someone who discovered Woolaballoo a few months ago. I stumbled upon it accidentally after a Pilates class in the village. I ought to be very clear that I am at best, and on a good day, a novice knitter. Historically, I’ve created at least half a dozen scarves in garter stitch which were all wider at one end than the other. Crochet was to me in the same bracket as quantum physics….unfathomable!

So….how come I’m writing a blog for a wool shop?!

You may well ask. Since stumbling into Woolaballoo one cold spring day I’ve become completely and utterly addicted to wool! Lucy is my dealer of all woolly wonders. I’ve attended workshops for knitting and crochet at Woolaballoo, started building a rather impressive yarn stash, have around one hundred and fifty projects ear marked on Ravelry and at least ten woolly works in progress on the go. I also have a new found respect for my grandmother who used to rattle out the most intricate cardigans whilst chatting, watching tv and smoking all at the same time!

Seek out your local yarn shop

I’m often found sitting in Woolaballoo having a coffee and looking confused whilst grappling with one project or another. That’s one of the biggest benefits of finding my local yarn shop, not only can I get everything I need in one place but I get all the help and support I need which is so much better than buying something unseen from the internet only to discover it’s hideous in real life, or spending hours online looking for a YouTube tutorial that actually makes sense to me. And it’s great to be part of the warm, welcoming, woolly community that centres round Woolaballoo!

My woolly journey…

Hopefully you’ll be interested in my journey from novice to ninja. Along the way I’d love it if you’d join in and share with me your woolly wisdom and wonders, or ask for any advice you’d like because I’m certain Lucy would love to help you as much as she helps me! I’m looking forward to getting to know you all along the way… Today is Knit in Public day. Why not pop in to Woolaballoo if you’re in the area? I know there’s tea, coffee, biscuits and lots of extra special offers on some wonderful woolly goodies!  As always you’ll receive a warm, woolly welcome!  Sara. x
Knit in Public Day
Knit in Public Day

2 thoughts on “Woolly Words #1: Adventures in Woolly Wonderland

  1. Ali W says:

    Great read and accurate representation of our local woolly wonderland. Today we have made pom poms. Lots of pom poms. Come and try it for yourself

    • Lucy Bush says:

      We did indeed Ali. I can’t quite believe how many we manufactured. I’ll take lots of photos tomorrow and will write a post to showcase our efforts!

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