Autumn vibes

Icarus Blanket

I think we can all agree that it has been a strange few months.I love this time of year however, and the gentle changing of the seasons is perhaps one of the few constants that we can cling onto in this ever more unpredictable world.I love the idea of taking walks in the crisp autumnal air and kicking up the leaves in my wellies.I am less enthusiastic about the reality which usually involves trudging through acres of mud and having to clean my muddy boots down afterwards.

In “normal” times, I love arriving home from work at dusk and slipping into my pjs and slippers (it somehow seems more acceptable once the nights draw in, don’t you think?) and curling up with a good book or a spot of cosy crafting. At the moment, I seem to have way too many WIPs (that’s works in progress to us crafters) as per usual, and I have been trying my best to get some projects off the hook or off the needles during lockdown but there’s always something else out there to tempt me!

Lately, I have been addicted to my Icarus Blanket which is an absolute joy to knit up. This is a simple, yet effective, free pattern written by Canadutch which you can find on her blog page here. I am making mine using the colours in the original blog post but you really let your imagination run wild and create some really colourful combinations.

Alongside this, I am also adding to my crocheted Trio blanket which is somewhat more time consuming, but again strangely addictive. This is another free pattern courtesy of the Felted Button and you can find this on her blog here. If you google, this glorious blanket you will see that it has been made up by a myriad of crafters globally – in colours that at first glance you might not have considered complimentary – however, the results are astonishing! This project is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild and makes for great “TV crochet” on an autumnal evening.I am making mine using 3 Scheepjes whirls in Raspberry Rocky Road, Turkish Delight and Slice O’Cherry Pie so I think the end result will have a pinky hue (which will come as no great surprise to those who know me!). Scheepjes whirls are one of my favourite yarns to work with as they never fail to surprise you with their beauty. You can view the entire collection here

I’m on the final stretch of my Icarus blanket though right now and so I’ll be channelling my energies in that direction this evening whilst enjoying a nice glass of white white (Cheers, everyone!) as it’s felt like this week would never end. If you would like to follow my blanket progress I’ll pop some photos into the Woolaballoo Durham Knit and Natter Group on Facebook – hope to see you there with your latest projects- we’re a very friendly bunch so I do hope you’ll join us.x

2 thoughts on “Autumn vibes

  1. Roslyn PITTONI says:

    Are you opening up your store again please. We are moving to the area and I am trying to find an independent wool store.

    • Lucy Bush says:

      Hi Roslyn,

      At the current time we have no plans to re-open the physical store but we often run events so do keep your eye on our social media pages. Thanks for your support.

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