Woohoo! We’re nearly halfway there!

We’re nearly done with sock one, so we think it’s high time we finally give you an idea of how your finished sock will look! You can also see sock two here, but we’ve been sneaky and left it in black and white. There seems a lot of anxiety about making a pair of odd socks – we get it, we were nervous too – but we hope you can see that even though these socks are different, they actually kind of do match, simply by virtue of not matching at all 😊 They just belong together! But if you’re still unsure, why not just re-use the colours you have already knitted for sock one, if you have enough and you’re not using advent yarns? Then your socks would match better, but still wouldn’t be exactly the same. You could use the same shades for the heel, toe, and cuff to tie sock one and two together a bit more. Or you could make sock two, see how you feel, and then knit another sock one and two if you really *need* matching pairs. Just go with what feels right for you! It is Christmas, after all – it’s that time of year when we eat, drink, and knit what we want 💛#woolaballooadventkal

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