The Ripple Effect

This week I have been completely immersed in Lucy of Attic24’s fabulous Coastal Ripple Blanket and to say that I was no crocheter before this week would be an understatement but now I am completely and utterly hooked.  I am absolutely in love with the fabulous DK colour palette that is worked randomly throughout this pattern and it is already making me long to plan our next day trip to the coast. SAM_5238 In fact it hasn’t been long since our last visit when we had a friend to stay with us a short while back but it was quite a stormy affair down at Tynemouth where the waves were crashing against the pier and spraying us with white foam… SAM_5109 However, the stunning array of greys and blues depict the seascape beautifully be it a tropical azure paradise or our more realistic North-East stormy skyline! Sandy tones I have become really addicted to this soothing pattern as it reminds me lots of the seaweed and rock pools as children fished for crabs and other sea creatures in the shadow of St Mary’s Lighthouse.  I had never visited this gorgeous spot before but rest assured we will be back again. It was a picture postcard view to behold… St Marys Lighthouse The next few ripples are probably more in keeping with our holiday weather but the bright blue and turquoise hues that are to come are making me dream of far away tropical destinations… Ripples I am really on a roll now and will continue to add snippets to the blog as this work progresses but if you too are feeling inspired then hop across to Lucy’s blog and grab the Coastal Ripple colour scheme and the Neat Ripple Blanket pattern. It really is that simple. I will endeavour to keep you up to date with my progress both via the blog and on our facebook page.  If you would like to make your own version of this gorgeous blanket then why not pop in and see our little woolly wonderland right in the heart of Hexham, Northumberland?  Fear not if you are miles away as you can still find us online and share in the ripply goodness.   The Ripple Blanket Kit is also available to purchase in a variety of Lucy’s colour combinations but if you fancy a day out come and see us at Woolaballoo and choose your very own combination. Keep spreading the Ripple effect and enjoy this gem of a project, it’s a whole lot of fun. x

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