Under the Rainbow

Just recently I have become totally addicted to crochet.  Somewhere in the middle of last year, I appeared to have lost my hooking mojo, but now it is back with a venegance!  This is such a fabulous, portable craft which makes it ideal as a small holiday project. Alternatively, it would be perfect in the garden over the summer months with a nice glass of prosecco in hand!
Clover Amour Crochet Hooks
Amour Soft Grip Crochet Hooks
I am a huge fan of these self-striping, variegated yarns that come in an abundance of weights from 4Ply, to Aran, to Chunky.  They are so versatile and give a speedy, satisfying result for those that are just setting out on their crochet journey. Stylecraft Head Over Heels 4Ply  

So let’s get started…

For those that live close to our little woolly wonderland in Co. Durham we run regular classes to induct people into the wonderful world of crochet. Clearly this isn’t an option for everyone; so we also create beautiful kits for “Enthusiastic Beginners”  to develop your crochet skills.  One of the most popular sets is our “Under the Rainbow” blanket which is ideal for the little people in your life.   We were blown away by the reception to this kit and completely sold out on our stand at the Spring Edinburgh Knitting and Stitching Show so we’ve ordered extras.  While stocks last, we are delighted to be able to offer this easy introductory project to you at the exhibition “special price” of £20. Ideally you would start off with a 4 ball pack which makes a good sized buggy blanket/playmat sized rug. If you felt that you wanted to extend it (or in my case just get carried away…) it is very easy to pick up additional balls of wool in your local yarn shop. Dyelots are not vitally important due to the very random nature of this self-striping yarn. The yarn that we particularly love is WYS Aire Valley DK in the cocktail range which creates a truly unique look and no two blankets look the same. It is a durable yarn that keeps it shape beautifully and is machine washable at 40 degrees which is quite rare for a quality yarn with such a high percentage wool content.
Aire Valley DK Cocktail Collection

How to make a simple Granny Square

The pattern itself if absolutely nothing new and we do not take any credit for this.  It is a very simple, original Granny Square but the benefits are using this magical yarn are immense! The variegation of the yarn means that firstly, you do not need to change colour after every round. Secondly, it makes you look terribly clever and best of all… there are VERY FEW pesky ends to sew in…so what’s not to love?  
Getting started with crochet

Learning the lingo

Just in case you feel completely bamboozled and really have no idea where to start here is the basic granny square pattern to keep you on track. The pattern uses simple UK Crochet terminology. Tension is not essential for this project as unlike a garment it does not need to fit but we advise using a 4mm hook.  If you are new to this craft, just be mindful of some of the gorgeous creations that are out there on pinterest and Ravelry. Many designs are penned using US terminology and will need converting before you get started on your masterpiece!
UK vs USA Crochet Terminology taken from Simply Crochet Magazine

The Pattern

The Under the Rainbow Blanket Kit is a very simple crochet blanket bursting with colour. The skill level requires you to be an “Enthusiastic Beginner”, so if you meet this criterion, what are you waiting for?  

Required Materials

400g of Variegated WYS DK Yarn 4mm crochet hook  


ss = slip stitch tr = treble stitch dc = double crochet ch = chain  


Before starting your project, please read carefully through the whole pattern. Do get in touch or take a look on our FB group for the handy reminders info sheet if you are having difficulty with any of the stitches contained in the pattern.

Basic Granny Square Pattern

Chain 4, join to make a ring. ROUND 1 Chain 3 (counts as 1 tr), 2tr’s into the ring, chain 2, 3 tr’s, ch 2, 3tr’s, ch 2, 3 tr’s, ch 2, sl st into 3rd ch of initial ch 3 to close the round. ROUND 2 To begin the second round, Chain 3 (counts as 1 tr), then work 2tr’s into the first corner space. I ADD ONE CHAIN ALONG THE SIDES to give the blanket stretch as I tend to crochet quite tightly. {So Ch 1 then in next corner space, work 3 tr’s, ch 2, 3 tr’s}. Repeat between {} twice more. Then in the very first corner space work 3 tr’s, ch 2, then sl st into 3rd ch of initial ch 3 to close the round. ROUND 3 and so on… Again you need to Chain 3 (counts as 1 tr) to build out your work, then work 2tr’s into the first corner space. REMEMBER to CHAIN 1 ALONG SIDES! 3tr’s into side space, {3 tr’s, ch 2, 3 tr’s into corner space, Ch1, 3tr’s into side space} repeat between {} twice more. Then in the very first corner space work 3 tr’s, ch 2, then sl st into 3rd ch of initial ch 3 to close the round.

The Finishing Touches

Continue working in this way until all your yarn is used up. Always ensure that there is enough yarn to complete a full round before finishing off.  You can add whatever border you wish if you’d like to create a show-stopping flourish to your work.  There are lots of excellent tutorials online via youtube and blogs. If you’d prefer to do our specific border I’ll post it on our FB page. I’ll also write a separate blog later detailing how to do this using photos to guide you.
Under the Rainbow (Rum Paradise Colourwave)
As always, if you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to ask.  One of the team will be happy to answer your questions. You can stalk us on all forms of Social Media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.   Please send us a photo of your completed Under the Rainbow Blanket and we’ll feature it in our gallery. We love to see everyone’s makes.  Happy Hooking!  

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